Unboxing Videos Are Addictive; 9 Tips For Perfect Unboxing Experience

In recent years, unboxing videos have grown from an internet fad to a powerful eCommerce marketing tool because they allow consumers a visual “try before they buy” through other people. Unboxing is now very popular specially on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. These videos allow people to scope out a brand-new product they’re interested in and compare online without, you know, actually going out and doing the shopping part!

Are unboxing videos still popular?

Without a doubt. New unboxing videos are still being posted on YouTube every day by the thousands if not millions! In fact, unboxing videos have recently increased in popularity during the COVID-19 crisis that prevented many consumers from shopping in-stores.

There’s no sign of this trend slowing down anytime soon, and it’s easy to see why. Not only are unboxing videos fun to watch, but they’re ridiculously simple to create. Anyone with a camera (and a little charisma) can record themselves opening a package. No special talents or tools required!

As long as the product has wide appeal, the video is likely to attract a wide audience and grow a large following.

The addiction of unboxing videos

Unboxing videos are addictive. They pass on that excitement of enjoying something for the first time.

Another reason we’re hooked on unboxing videos is that they’re a way of verifying the company’s product without the need to spend money.

It’s a practical way to get a look at a commercial product.

There’s no photoshop, no fancy camera angles or lighting tricks. You see the product being taken out of a box and used for the first time by a real person. You get an untainted view of the product to see whether it looks as it was advertised.

An unboxing video shows the product. But it also tells a lot about the quality of packaging and the delivery process.

Creators of the unboxing videos tend to pay close attention to details we often overlook. They draw attention to things that make the product and unboxing experience unique. Decorations, freebies and extras, for example.

So, any viewer can see what a product is like and share in that initial excitement and anticipation. All this, without even buying the product.

Influencers for all types of industries often create in-depth, detailed unboxing videos. Even if you’re a subscription box brand, you can leverage the reach of a relevant influencer.

Consumer benefits:

  • Trust; They are capable of inspiring trust . Unboxers tend to be more transparent and personable, thus able to win trust from their consumers. They are trusted to provide a realistic and objective experience to their viewers.
  • Emotion; They are capable of inspiring an emotional feeling from their viewers when reviewing a product. The excitement the unboxer generates about a product is contagious and authentic.
  • Validation; They give buyers’ confidence when purchasing products. Having seen the exact nature of the product in the video.
  • Understanding; They provide consumers with factual, unbiased information on products, warts and all.
unboxing videos

Unboxing videos can be considered as some kind of video testimonial.  

Brands can leverage it too:

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. The video library can boast more than a billion monthly users. Almost nobody can beat that – apart from Google.

Consider for a moment YouTube, digital marketing, and consumer products. What’s the one thing that’s a part of all three elements?

An unboxing videos

  • YouTube is home to billions who want to relax, be entertained, but also learn
  • These viewers can have their buying desires influenced by trustworthy creators
  • Influencers know that unboxing and review videos get a lot of traffic

If you’re a brand owner, it should now be clear why unboxing videos are powerful and why you need to leverage the hype.

Long story short, whatever you’re selling, an unboxing video can be made about it.

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Influencer marketing & unboxing video

Before you go to the trouble of reaching out to an influencer, make sure you know exactly what you want.

An influencer might be happy to make a video of your product. But if they don’t do a good job at ‘selling’ it to your customer, there’s no a lot in it for you.

Familiarize yourself with some well made unboxing videos to see exactly what works:

The most important thing for you to take away from these videos is not the products, but the YouTuber themselves. Notice the way that they speak about the product and show the product to the audience. They’re engaging, they’re interesting, they know and like the product.

Above everything else, they speak directly to the viewer and make them feel like they’re a part of the video.

This is influencer marketing in its essence and it’s what you want from an unboxing video.

A YouTuber with the large following brings attention to your product. They give their audience their honest, open feedback about the product.

To get the most out of this, you need to make sure that your product will be loved by your influencer. Someone who isn’t impressed with your product will do irreparable damage to your brand. This is also true if your influencer doesn’t have the right audience.

Unboxing videos are popular among almost every niche – including the cannabis industry. But which industries are the most popular for unboxing videos?

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The most “unboxed” industries

Here are the 5 most popular product categories for unboxing videos:

  • Electronics
  • Kids toys
  • Cosmetics
  • High-end accessories
  • eBay mystery boxes

Keep in mind though that the even the less popular videos still have upwards of 70,000 views over a time frame of 6 months!

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9 tips for nailing your video

Here are a few top tips and tricks to get started today.

1. Get the lighting right

The primary reason people watch unboxing videos is to get a good look at the actual product. They don’t want to stare at someone speaking from a dimly lit bedroom opening a box in the shadows. When it comes to lighting, always err on the bright side.

Make sure you record your video in a room flooded with natural daylight, if possible. If natural light is not an option, an inexpensive ring light can make up for it. (Overhead lights and desk lamps can create harsh shadows where there shouldn’t be.)

2. Configure your camera

No matter how cool the product is, you won’t hold anyone’s interest with pixelated footage that looks like it was filmed with a flip phone from 2004. All cameras these days have the ability to shoot ultra HD, and social media platforms automatically adjust bitrate to optimize user experience.

Make sure you’re filming with the highest video quality possible (in landscape mode) so your video looks aesthetically pleasing at any size, on any device.

Example: If it weren’t for the high definition macro shots of these fish, this unboxing video would probably be a flop.

3. Do a soundcheck

We’re lucky to live in an age where even the most basic camera and smartphone microphones are capable of recording professional-quality audio. Unfortunately, this also means they easily pick up distracting background noises like traffic sounds, lawnmowers, and your cat meowing the next room.

Make sure you’re recording in a quiet spot to create a fully immersive unboxing experience. If that’s not possible, record a play-by-play voiceover when you do have a quiet moment to yourself.

unboxing videos influencer
4. Timing is everything

Like it or not, short attention spans are par for the course these days. If you ramble too much and delay the main event, your viewer will quickly skip to the next clip in their queue. For that reason, make sure you have everything you need to unbox as quickly as possible at the very start. (Nobody wants to watch you fumbling with packing tape for five minutes!) Once the product is out of the box, that’s the time to slow down a little and let your candid observations flow naturally.

Pro tip: Use jump cuts to wipe out excess “ums” and “uhs” or moments that don’t add anything of interest to your video. Every second counts. Your video will be far more engaging when every sentence you say gets straight to the point.

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5. Stay on top of the trends

If you want your video to trend, you have to be a trend-setter! Therefore, you’ll drive in much more traffic if you zero in on recently released products that your audience might not have had a chance to try yet. Think about it: For instance, anyone who’s interested in buying these brand new products will be searching for them by name. The more traction your unboxing videos gain, the more likely you are to be sponsored by companies to unbox more hot-off-the-shelf items.

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6.  Nail down your niche

Though it’s tempting to unbox a wide variety of random items, you’ll gain a larger and more loyal following if you’re consistent with your content and your viewers know exactly what to expect from you. Focus on something you’re enthusiastic about, and stick to it!

7. Show and tell

You’re already showing your audience what the product looks like and sounds like. Now, tell them what it feels like, smells like, and (if it’s edible) what it tastes like. Above all, interact with the product and do a live demo using all of your senses. Don’t forget to talk about the packaging itself. Is it unique in some way? Environmentally friendly? Your initial reactions are what make it interesting.

8. Set the scene

Your backdrop adds context to your content. Before you start filming, think about your surroundings and how they reflect the products you’re unboxing, then throw in a few relevant props. If you’re a gardener, for example, film yourself unboxing in the greenhouse surrounded by plants. If you’re an artist, film yourself unboxing amongst your art supplies.

Your surroundings will become part of your brand aesthetic, making your videos recognizable to your audience at first glance.

9. Keep the unboxing real

People can spot a scripted promo video a mile away, which is why people love the free-flowing homemade feel of unboxing videos. They feel “real” because they are. As a result, your audience is experiencing the product for the first time right along with you.

This is the time to think out loud. Share your candid observations, and let your viewers know exactly what you’re thinking. If you’re confused or unhappy with something, say so! Good, bad, or ugly, they want to hear it from you firsthand.

Last Word

Unboxing videos are a trend that, love them or hate them, are here to stay. Whether you’re a consumer, brand owner or both, you’ve probably enjoyed one or two while aimlessly browsing the internet.

Therefore, for small brands, you can use the above ideas to create an unboxing experience to get the most out of an unboxing video.

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