Top TikTok Beauty Trends That Will Be Huge in 2021

TikTok has certainly been having quite the year compared to the rest of us. Throughout 2020, many of us have plunged into an infinite realm of minute-long videos. Beauty and make-up fanatics have found the perfect platform for all their beauty hacks, make-up tricks and skincare saviors. Here, we counted down Top TikTok Beauty Trends.

Top TikTok Beauty Trends

As COVID-19 spreads across the world, society is slowly shutting down. From canceled events to closed schools, governments are putting extreme efforts in place in hopes of flattening the curve.

While Americans are being urged to socially distance themselves, large beauty retailers like Sephora (who shut down in-store beauty services) and Glossier (who closed all of its retail locations) are taking steps to help slow down the spread as well.

Self-isolation can become a bit mundane, but thanks to social media and technology there are tons of things to do. From streaming movies and podcasts to face timing your group chat, and if that’s not enough, luckily like always TikTok is here to save the day.

The app is quickly becoming the go-to social media platform with viral dances, comedic videos, and of course different beauty trends. To save you some time, we rounded up all the TikTok beauty trends you can try at home while social distancing.

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Top TikTok Beauty Trends to look for in 2021

Hardships experienced around the world have put into perspective the relative importance, or not, of worrying about how we look. But 2020 has also reminded us what beauty is really all about: having fun, feeling better about ourselves and, thanks to social media, connecting with one another in the process. Let’s here more about huge TikTok Trends that you’ll see in 2021 too!

1. Winged Liner in TikTok trends

There’s no better time than now to flawlessly perfect your daily makeup so that when you finally do head back out, your looks will be on point.

One of the trickiest makeup applications is a winged liner, but thanks to TikTok there are a plethora of videos that teach you the best hacks to create a nice and easy wing. Fly high!

Winged Liner in TikTok trends

2. WIGS are 2021 TikTok Beauty Trends

This year has kept some of us away from the salons, so we’ve taken things into our own hands. Only, it’s harder than it looks. But wigs are a great way to switch things up without commit to a drastic style (or worse, attempting said drastic style at home).

And no, we’re not talking about the ones in the costume store. There are plenty of places to find this ready-to-go accessory that actually looks like your own hair. If you’re new to the game, check out some handy video to learn how to install one yourself.

WIGS are 2021 TikTok Beauty Trends

3. Heatless curls and trends on TikTok

Singeing your fingertips on a curling iron is never the highlight to anyone’s beauty routine. Thankfully, hair extra ordinaires have come up with a less painful alternative and all you need is a dressing gown belt. Simply – easier said than done – wrap your locks around the belt to wake up to gorgeous Hollywood curls.

We can’t guarantee you’ll have a comfy night’s sleep, though.

Heatless curls and trends on TikTok

4. Fake Dimples among TikTokers

Are these fake dimples really so convincing that we can’t tell whether the teens are joking with us or not? Unclear. Regardless, here’s how you do it: with an ashy brown eyeliner, draw a tiny vertical line where a dimple would be. Then, using the pad of your finger, smudge it downwards. All we know is that this trend could only ever exist digitally, because in person it looks… like brown eyeliner smudged on your cheek.

Fake Dimples among TikTokers

5. TikTok Beauty Trends: The #GucciModel Challenge

Many TikTok users took part in the #GucciModelChallenge where they created humorous videos on how to dress like a high-fashion model by layering multiple mismatched pieces.

The trend quickly gained popularity on the app and the hashtag has garnered more than 214.3 million views. Gucci took notice of the challenge and launched its #AccidentalInfluencer campaign on TikTok, which has 2.6 million views.

TikTok Beauty Trends: The #GucciModel Challenge

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6. Rainbow Eyeshadow and beauty trends

The rainbow trend has been making its rounds for a few months on TikTok, thanks to James Charles.

From blended looks with every color of the rainbow to cut creases with the vibrant colors, it’s a playful trend that you can try multiple looks with. You can start with just about any color base and build the colors as you go.

Rainbow Eyeshadow and beauty trends

7. Makeup trends on TikTok: ‘80S EYESHADOW

We’re traveling back to the ‘80s for its bold, eye-catching colors.

Eyes are where you can really have the most fun with makeup. Since we’ll probably be wearing masks for the first half of the year of 2021, eyes will still be the primary focus.

This is the chance to try those the over-the-top tones in your palette that have always caught your eye.

Makeup trends on TikTok: ‘80S EYESHADOW

8. Faux Freckles on TikTokers’ face

The legitimacy of this trend remains under question but as sun-kissed skin begins to fade as we head into winter, why not attempt to scatter some faux freckles over your cheeks?

TikTokers have experimented with everything from brow gel and fake tan to hair root sprays in order to create a freckle-faced glow.

Faux Freckles on TikTokers' face

9. TikTokers Beauty Transformations

Transformation videos were just as popular in the beauty space as they were in fashion. These videos started off with a user showing their face without any makeup, and then doing a transition to show their full beauty look.

10. Easy Skin-Care Routines among the 2021 trends

TikTok users sought out quick and simple skin-care routines on the app. This May, TikTok by beauty influencer Young Yuh — while it is a parody considering his 12-step nighttime skin-care routine — is one of the most popular under the trend with 8.5 million views.

11. The ‘fox eye’ trend

The “fox eye” was perhaps the most regrettable “beauty” fad of this long, weird year.

It began trending on social media back in April, and continued growing in popularity until August, when people started realizing that using makeup to emulate the lifted “almond-shaped” eyes of celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Megan Fox — or, as it was pointed out, people of Asian origin — was not cool, but rather a glaring case of cultural appropriation.

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12. Celebrity beauty  trends on TikTok

Celebrity beauty lines are nothing new. They’re almost mandatory for those who have been in the entertainment business long enough.

But stars’ skincare and makeup ranges are now increasingly values-driven, whether that’s about the ingredients used or the diversity of who they cater to.

And with Covid-19 making in-person promotion and in-store unveilings practically impossible, 2020 felt like the year when marketers started focusing not only on the celebs, but also what they stand for.

Celebrity beauty  trends on TikTok

In July, Rihanna announced that Fenty Beauty was branching out into skincare with gender-inclusive Fenty Skin. Selena Gomez also released a new fragrance, makeup and beauty line called Rare Beauty, which is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and designed with Gen-Zers in mind. And Issa Rae, the creator and star of “Insecure,” announced that she had bought Sienna Naturals, a hair-care line for textured hair.


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