TikTok account ideas : Some Ideas to Get More Famous

Everyone has heard of TikTok – the viral social video app which has made people famous overnight. Are you also interested in making a TikTok account but don’t have any ideas yet? Don’t worry, we’ll help you sort this out. There are some TikTok account ideas that will Engage Your Followers. On the other hand, from hashtag challenges to “flip the switch” dances, there are several ways for your brand to genuinely join in on the TikTok craze.

TikTok account ideas

Over the past three years an app has been growing across the world under the radar to older users of Instagram, Facebook and twitter. TikTok, which originally started out life as a music video app has grown to amass a following of other 300 million users since its inception three years ago.

Whether you’re a business, brand or an influencer, you can’t ignore this applications prevalence. Especially for the Gen Z user group, a demographic that is notoriously difficult to break into and market to.

Like any other social media platform, the key to effective TikTok marketing and brand awareness is to have an app with a large following and high engagement rates. So, what are the best strategies to grow your TikTok account in 2021?

Best New Ideas for TikTok Accounts

Best New Ideas for TikTok Accounts

Not sure how to get started? We’ve got some ideas for awesome TikTok content below.

1. “Dance account” and hashtag challenges

As with other social platforms, hashtags are a mainstay on TikTok for searching and sorting content. But hashtag challenges are especially popular on the platform.

Challenges use specific hashtags to encourage users to create videos on a theme, as part of a campaign or viral trend. If TikTok had existed in 2015, you would have seen a lot of videos tagged with #IceBucketChallenge.

A number of companies have used branded hashtag challenges to great effect, but the reigning champion is Chipotle. They use National Avocado Day (also known as July 31, 2019) to launch the #GuacDance hashtag challenge on TikTok.

Avocado lovers were challenged to share a dance inspired by their favorite topping, using the Guacamole Song from children’s entertainer Dr. Jean, tagged with #GuacDance. Simple enough, right? It resulted in a mind-blowing 250,000 submissions, proving that the love of guac is universal.

During the six-day campaign, Chiptole also saw a record-breaking 430 million video starts with the hashtag #GuacDance. It translated into real sales too: Chipotle served more than 800,000 sides of guacamole on a single day, as a result of the challenge.

A few things you can learn from the #GuacDance success:

  • Make it easy. The Guacamole Song is an earworm, and her original dance is simple and silly. No serious dance skills required.
  • Make it fun. What do people love best about your brand? A challenge that celebrates your most beloved products, qualities or promotions is likeliest to succeed. Customer research and insights can help here.
  • Have a goal in mind. Are you trying to drive orders, like Chipotle? Raise brand awareness? Be clear on what you want to achieve so you can measure your impact.

2. “Drawing” TikTok account ideas

Are you one of those people that has a natural talent when it comes to drawing? These videos would definitely stand out, the last thing you want to do is be boring, you’ll never get found.

Try drawing some popular things that people will recognize. you wouldn’t try this if you can’t draw well, it won’t be as effective. You will probably need to speed up your videos to make them fit if you do this one.

"Drawing" TikTok account ideas

3. Account ideas: “Imitation Videos”

Being cute and cuddly is just one part of viral TikTok videos. You also have to imitate equally adorable songs with actions, either with your hands or with your whole body. This way you can also get more TikTok followers.

Usually, these songs will be trending on TikTok, and you will know which ones are the most popular. You should try to be among the first to cover these songs so that you can capture the audience as fast as possible.


4. Educational video ideas

You may think that TikTok is just for goofy, irreverent content. But it’s actually an amazing platform for sharing informative content in an approachable, easy-to-digest format.

Some doctors have built huge audiences by making videos about timely topics like coronavirus and vaping. Dr. Danielle Jones, aka MamaDoctorJones, has racked up more than six million views with her videos about sexual health, pregnancy and periods.

For doctors like Jones, TikTok is the perfect place to reach teens and young adults who need this information, and may not have their own trusted health providers to talk to.

Socially-minded businesses have an opportunity to get their messages across. Misinformation is rife on social media, and it’s important to counter it by being in the conversations.

5. “Satisfying” TikTok accounts

This is a bit of a weird one, but something that is very popular right now. These videos are of things which people find ‘oddly satisfying’ and usually involve things play dough going through mashers. You could become pretty famous on TikTok by doing oddly satisfying videos.

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6. Account ideas: special occasions

TikTok marked International Womens’ Day (March 8) with the hashtag #SheCanDoIt to celebrate female creators.

The occasion was a springboard for accounts focused on women’s rights and history to get a turn in the spotlight, like Herstory Talking, which honors notable women from past eras.

UN Women, a global nonprofit for women’s rights, also leveraged International Women’s Day to got more than 400K views on their #GenerationEquality campaign.

TikTok users aren’t seeking out serious videos about gender equality every day. But on International Women’s Day, UN Women and Herstory Talking had the perfect opportunity to share important, timely content.

Every brand should keep track of upcoming events and holidays, especially those with particular relevance to their products and brand story.

Your social media content calendar can help you plan for those occasions so you never miss an opportunity to capture audience interest.

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7. “Memes” and TikTok popular ideas

Memes are a whole lot funnier with music, well I think so anyway. You could try making a spin on a currently popular meme or even attempt to make your own viral one. The key to this one is that they are funny!


8. “Tutorials” on TikTok

It’s not just about beauty and makeup. Tutorials of all varieties play well on social media. Everyone wants to learn something new, especially if you can break it down into 60 seconds or less.

Quick cooking tutorials are also popular on TikTok. Often, creators cross-promote their YouTube channel where they offer recipes in more depth and detail. You can also read more about TikTok food accounts.

Fitness is another subject that’s huge on TikTok, with a ton of workout tips and ideas from creators.

Whatever your brand does or makes, find a way to bring it to life with a TikTok tutorial. Styling tips, product demos… the opportunities are endless. Dive in!

9. “Cute Pets” are popular on TikTok

You really can’t go wrong with clips of cute pets. Whether they’re performing tricks, reacting to your voice or just hanging out and having a good time, pets attract a lot of attention.

So it’s time to get your cat, dog, hamster, turtle or Sugar Glider on camera and start collecting those fans. Keep the music as adorable as your pets, and make sure they feel comfortable being filmed too.

The more authentic your pet’s reaction is, the better it is for your video. Make sure you choose the shots where your pet gives you the most sincere reactions. This will make the clips all the more interesting.

"Cute Pets" are popular on TikTok

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10. TikTok account ideas: “Harmless Stunt”

It will be great if you can come up with a completely safe and non-hurtful stunt to pull off, and you pull it off without hurting yourself. Please be reminded that we’re not asking you to do anything dangerous.

Don’t risk your safety or health. Make sure the stunt is something very safe and you can’t actually hurt yourself by doing it. It also has to look very nice for the camera. If you can pull off this safe stunt, you’ll definitely get lots of attention.


It’s all about the best ideas for you to create wonderful TikTok videos to skyrocket your followers and fans.

If you have any ideas want to share with us, please comment below to let us know.

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