8 Powerful Influencer Marketing Tools That Get Fantastic Results In 2021

If you opt not to use a platform or an agency for your influencer marketing then you will have to build up relationships with influencers yourself. To do this, you first need to identify the influencers that rule your niche. If you are an active online participant in your niche you may already have a […]


The Difference Between Micro-Influencers and Macro-Influencers

Micro-Influencers and Macro-Influencers? Which works best and what’s worth your while? With the social media influencer market set to be worth more than $10 billion by 2021, we’re starting to see the influencer marketplace take a recognizable shape. Popular platforms like Instagram or TikTok are evolving in influencer marketing. Micro-Influencers and Macro-Influencers Influencer marketing has proven […]